Timber Flooring Supply & Install

We can supply all types of timber and flooring materials for your needs. Timber Flooring Adelaide has been supplying timber products for homes and businesses through out Australia.

Timber Flooring AdelaideĀ is one of the finest and largest suppliers of timber products in Australia, with a wide variety of products ranging from flooring, structural timber, decking, furniture timber, decorative and cladding.

If you choose to do the job yourself, then we can supply timber materials for you at great rates. You can choose from a variety of timber products, a range of solid strip flooring, parquetry, hardwood flooring and decking whichever might look best for your home, building, office or renovations.

We can quote directly from your measurements, or send one of our installers to quote on site. After this we will prepare your pricing and delivery timeframe with an itemised breakdown of the material, delivery and installation costs. Availability of your chosen timber may be limited, in general it is best to allow around 6 weeks for supply, longer for rarer timbers.

Solid timber needs around 2 weeks to adjust to the humidity and enviroment of the new location before installing. Installation can be on either a level concrete slab, over joists (in the case of a structural timber floor) or over underlay.The installation of your new floor may take from 1-3 days depending on the size of the area to be covered and the material chosen.

An initial deposit is necessary to secure your flooring choice and price, we can deliver and install at a time best convenient to you.